Accountants for contractors

Redwood Accountants specialise in helping freelancers and contractors reduce their tax bill, manage their finances and improve their profitability. Get in touch with us for more information on our services.

Accountancy & tax for contractors

Many contractors and freelancers do their own accounts and manage their tax affairs themselves. Our experts work with freelancers to tackle challenges around tax legislation (e.g. IR35), whilst also ensuring that they are paying as little tax as possible, with the right business and remuneration structures in place. Many of our freelance and contractor clients outsource their entire tax and bookkeeping functions to us, so that it is managed effectively in one place with all returns submitted on time.

How we can help contractors

  • Maximise your take home pay
  • Understanding IR35, including upcoming changes in April 2020
  • Limited company v Umbrella Company v Self Employed – which structure to choose?
  • How to pay yourself, and how much?
  • What taxes will you have to pay, and when?
  • What expenses can I claim?
  • What regulatory filing requirements will I have?
  • Am I better off then being an employee?